5″ Canister 24 pack by Raccoon Fireworks


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Manufacturer – Raccoon Fireworks
Description – These shells will not disappoint! Huge colored displays and hard hitting breaks! The Racoon XL 5 inch Canister shell box comes with 24 shells and 4 mortar tubes.
1. White brocade crown with gold glitter
2. Teal and yellow dahlia eith red plum blossom
3. Red dahlia and sea blue with white glitter
4. Grass green and peach with gold glitter
5. Purple and green dahlia with silver chrysanthemum
6. Gold titanium willow with blue
7. Grass green and yellow dahlia with white glitter
8. Red glittering willow with white glitter
9. Red dahlia and sea blue with silver chrysanthemum
10. Gold titanium willow with peach
11. Purple and green dahlia with red plum blossom
12. Teal and grass green
13. Red glittering willow with green glitter
14. Gold willow to red with white glitter
15. Peach and teal with white glitter
16. Silver palm with red and blue
17. Red glittering willow with crackling willow
18. White brocade crown with white glitter
19. Yellow dahlia and grass green with silver chrysanthemum
20. Blood red with white glitter
21. White brocade crown with red glitter
22. Gold willow to blue with green glitter
23. Strong crackle with red plum blossom
24. Gold titanium willow with grass green


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