Howling Burst


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Pack A: 1: Purple and green peony; 2:Red dahlia with white strobe; 3: Ti-golden coco with Green strobe; 4: Brocade crown with crackling; 5: Golden willow to red tip; 6: Red wave with crackling.

Pack B: 1: Green wave and time rain;2: Red, green, blue, yellow and purple stars with chrysanthemum; 3: Brocade crown to red and green tip; 4: Red and sky blue stars with white strobe; 5: Purple dahlia and green strobe; 6: Brocade crown and white strobe.

Pack C: 1. Golden willow and white strobe with crackling; 2: Crackling and Chrysanthemum; 3: Golden strobe and green strobe with sky blue stars; 4: Golden strobe and green stars; 5: Red and green wave with white strobe; 6: Brocade crown.

Pack D:1: Silk willow and green strobe; 2: Golden willow to green tip;3: Red, green and blue peony;4: Purple coco and golden strobe;5: Brocade crown and time rain; 6: White strobe.


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